Recreational Soccer Coaches

Experienced Volunteer Coaches
MIFC recreational soccer is run by a cadre of dedicated volunteer coaches with an average of 19 years playing experience and 8 years coaching experience. Additionally, 20% of our coaching staff hold US Soccer Federation Coaching Licenses.

Clinic Style Professional Training for Ages U6 through U9
We employ clinic style professional training for ages U6-U9. Coaches are responsible for coaching the games.

Coaching Format for U10+
Starting at U10, the coach is responsible for training but is given practice plans through U11. By U12, there is still a curriculum, but coaches develop their own practice plans. The coaches are dedicated and experienced by the time they're dealing with U12+.

Select Coaching Staff

David Addison

Experience: 23 years playing, 10+ coaching

Awards/Certifications: USSF "B" License. NSCAA National Diploma, GK Level 3(national) Diploma. WFA Fitness Periodization Diploma, Frans Hoek Goalkeeping Diploma

Background: Director of Coaching of International Academy of Soccer, which provides local rec and select clubs within EYSA professional coaches to run training programs, helps develop coaches, develop players and connect the community.

Coaching Philosophy: I take a tremendous amount of pride in the development of players, and commit myself to developing players of all ages and levels reach the ability they seek. I have coached with MIFC for my entire coaching career, starting in High School when I volunteered to coach a U10 rec team, extending all the way to my current positions with MIFC taking numerous teams, also with IAS as the Director of Coaching based mostly on Mercer Island.

Willy Cardenas

Experience: 30+ years playing, 7+ years coaching

Awards/Certifications: USSF C License, International Academy of Soccer (IAS)

Background: Willy played professional soccer in Peru's premier division, as well as for the USL Sounders after moving to the Pacific Northwest. With his deep and rich background in the sport, he has brought passion, knowledge and technical enrichment to the Mercer Island/Eastside soccer community through IAS for the last several years. Willy has become a cherished and well-known coach with multiple premier and select teams in the area. He also has a son who plays premier soccer.

Coaching Philosophy: I never thought I was going to be a soccer coach, but I am grateful that I found my way here.  I really love what I do.  Soccer is a beautiful game, and I thrive to pass on this love and passion to each and every one of my players I work with.  Every player is unique and has different skills to offer, and I do my best to bring the potential out of each of them.  I enjoy getting to know all of my players, and love seeing them coming together as a cohesive team during the season.  I ask not for players to be great at everything.  I only ask that they try their best during each practice and game.  Though games are meant to be competitive, however, in my humble opinion, the focus on player development is key at the youth level.

Francois Delafosse

Playing Experience: 25 years playing semi-pro in France. Coaching youth soccer 24 years.

Awards and Certifications: Coaching diploma, USSF A License, Youth Soccer National.

My career as a player was made in France; from the top youth soccer level to my semi-pro level National 4.

My coaching experience for the last 24 years was not only very beneficial for myself, but also in teaching youth soccer the game evolves constantly. I can provide tools and skills at the level of coaching that will best develop players.

Elliot Fauske

Playing Experience:
- 6 years Professional Indoor Soccer for the MASL/MISL (2 with Tacoma Stars, 4 with Rochester Lancers)
- 4 years for Seattle University (MVP senior year)
- PDL Championship with Kitsap Pumas in 2011
- Mead High School in Spokane (MVP Senior Year)
- Premier and ODP through high school

Coaching Experience:
- Youth select soccer for ages U8-U17 for several years before joining MIFC full time in 2016
- Head Coach - Mercer Island High School Junior Varsity 2018
- Pro Camps Director for Western New York Flash 2015

- USSF "E" license (I am signed up and will have my "D" license completed by the end of June)
- WFA Football Fitness/Braining Diploma
- WFA Football Tactics/Action Analysis Diploma
- NSCAA Level 1 Futsal Diploma

Coaching Philosophy: My goal is to build community through soccer. I have lived in Mexico and Brazil and speak Spanish and Portuguese. Additionally, I have been fortunate to have travelled to over 30 countries and I love how football connects people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I seek to instill passion for the game through encouraging individual creativity within a framework of sound tactical fundamentals.

My Values: My priorities through sport are respect, hard work and fun. Players should respect parents, referees, teammates, opponents and coaches. Players should learn through sport how rewarding hard work can be. And ultimately, it should be fun. Some of my best memories and closest relationships have come through soccer and I hope to create an environment that affords the same opportunity for my players.

Tom Hill

Background: Growing up, soccer was simply the fall sport I played after baseball ended and before basketball began. Until my sophomore year in high school I played all three sports with the friends I had had since 3rd grade. After college, I played year-round on both a coed and a men's team. I still have many friends from those days. Coaching started when the local club a called and told me my son could play but only if I was willing to coach his team. From there it was years of coaching both of my sons as well as my daughter. There were a couple years during the fall I was on the field 7 days a week due to practices Monday through Thursday, Friday night clinic, and games both days of the weekend. It was tremendous fun. Initially I learned through doing, however, when my daughter was U11 I realized her team was super talented and had to admit I was the limiting factor. From there I progressed through the D, C, NYL, and B USSF licensing clinics. These clinics can be stressful but are also very fun… I've been fortunate to meet some tremendous coaches during these clinics.

I value the time I have spent on the field with so many great kids, parents, coaches, and referees. There have been mistakes, tough losses, along with some great successes and I know there will be more of each to come.

Coaching Philosophy: It took 20+ years to understand most of a coach's role is to create positive relationships with the players and parents. Winning is a result not a goal. No player, of any age, shows up to practice hoping to stand in line, run laps, or listen to lectures… they want to play. The X's and O's are important, of course, so when you combine good soccer fundamentals with a positive development mentality your players and teams will amaze you. I get to know my players, engage with the parents and release my players to the game and allow them to own their experience.

My impact as a coach is not neutral so I have chosen to make it a positive one.

Jameson Morrell

Experience: 19 years playing, 8 years coaching

Awards/Certifications: USSF D license

Coaching Philosophy: My philosophy is basically "obsession with possession" with strong focus on player development, building confidence, and encouraging healthy team dynamics. MIFC is a solid club combining a strong training curriculum with great support from the Technical Director and trainers. This makes coaching and playing at MIFC a real joy.

Cristian Pintone

Experience: Cristian has been coaching select teams for MIFC and other local clubs in several different age groups for over 10 years. Cristian also has been a major influence with younger players on Mercer Island through his coaching in the recreational "MOD" clinics, Spring Academy and other coaching clinics.

Awards/Certifications: He holds a US national C License, he is one of the directors of the IAS Academy and also a part of the coaching staff.

Background: Cristian is a local product with Chilean roots. He made his mark playing locally for Juanita High School, Alliance FC and Eastside FC. He returned to Chile to further his football education, playing professionally in Chile's 1st division league. In 2005 he returned to Seattle and continued his career in the PDL, NPSL, and USL2.

Coaching Philosophy: Coaching has always been a dream of Cristian's, and he began his coaching career at the of 15. "I love to challenge myself with new ways to pass on my love of the game and the opportunity to develop players and help them see the opportunities football can bring to their lives."

Colin Rigby

Coaching Resume;
MIHS Boys Varsity Head Coach Since 2012
EYSA Technical Director
Director of Eastside FC Juniors Program
MIFC Coach of various select teams since 2010
NSCAA and USSF Licensed

Playing Career:
Eastside Premier
Seattle Pacific University
University of Denver
Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders USL and various pro teams

Mark Sandwith

Experience: 9 years playing, 9 years coaching soccer, 20+ coaching youth sports

Coaching Philosophy: I am a firm believer that sports and life lessons parallel one another. This includes winning, losing, team work, work ethic, goals (not the ones you score) and most importantly having fun while doing all of these things. I coach at MIFC simply because I enjoy the game of soccer and watching kids as they accomplish their goals.

Ketu Shah

Experience: 40 years playing, 14 years coaching.

Awards/Certifications: USSF Coaching E license, EYSA clinics

Background: Involved in soccer all his life, Ketu has coached young kids, middle school kids and high school boys. As a kid he once played in the old Kingdome during halftime of a Sounder's game in the 1970's! Ketu has two daughters who play Rec and Select. He is passionate about soccer because it "is both an analytical and fluid game that allows for creativity and invention." Ketu is also an MIFC Board Member.

Coaching Philosophy: Soccer is a lifetime sport and I want to create an environment where kids learn how to play, learn to be great teammates, and have fun. We will focus on possession style soccer with an emphasis on technical skills, vision, and decision making. My ultimate goal is leaving them wanting to play more soccer.

Greg Snyder

Experience: 40+ years playing, 10 years coaching

Awards/Certifications: USSF D License, WFA Football Fitness/Braining Diploma, WFA Tactics/Action Analysis Diploma, WFA Youth Football Periodization Diploma, Alex Weaver Sessions, EYSA Coaching Certificates.

Background: Greg played youth, high school, college and in a men's league. He has "retired" from playing but enjoys watching and coaching. He volunteers for the Club because he feels that soccer has given him so much, including lifelong friendships, and he wants to model that for his own boys and players.

Coaching Philosophy: I coach soccer because the games gave me so many great experiences, memories and lasting friendships. I would like to pass those lessons on to players I coach or come into contact with. Player development is important to me as well because the better you learn to play, the more fun the game is to play and the longer players tend to play.

Othaniel Yanez:

Playing Experience:
-20+ years playing
-Pateadores (Southern California)
-Chivas USA (First Youth Academy Program)
-University of Louisville
-Columbus Crew (MLS)
-Lousville Lightning (PASL)
-Deucao Kobe (Futsal Kobe, Japan)

Coaching experience: I started coaching at about the same time I started playing. My Family knew nothing about soccer. My sisters and I were the first to play soccer in the family. Everything I learned I tried to teach as my mom's assistant coach for everything she volunteered for. I have loved coaching almost as long as I loved playing. I have coached in 2 countries and 6 states. I am currently working with MIFC, Beast Mode Soccer, and Kent United as well as training various teams and coaching in various camps and clinics throughout the year.

Awards and Certificates:
-Beast Mode Soccer certified trainer and affiliate owner
-USSF E License (currently enrolled in US Soccer Grassroots Courses)
-World Football Academy Football Fitness/Braining Diploma
-Co-founder GOALS Soccer Academy (Kobe, Japan)

Background: Originally from Southern California, I started playing soccer at the age of 9 after playing ever other sport first. I fell in love with the game, and while I still have a great deal of respect other sports, I have not played another sport since. I have been fortunate enough to travel the country and the world thanks to both my playing and coaching career. I have learned a lot of lessons both on and off the field thanks to the beautiful game. I hope to pass along the lessons I have learned. I want to build the soccer culture wherever I go.

Philosophy: I believe in being a student of the game. I try and learn something from everyone I come across in life and the game. I try to learn and grow every day, and I hope my players do the same. I hope to pass along the lessons I have learned to everyone I come across. My goal is to be the best coach you ever had.

Andrei Zahajko

Experience: 22 years coaching, 30 years playing (Retired).

Awards/Certifications: USSF National C (National B Candidate). Coerver Coaching. Positive Coaching Alliance.

Background: I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience this game on many different levels and ways. I have been to 3 world cups, played collegiately, semi-pro, high level premier, State ODP and have used soccer as a segway to being a football place kicker in high school and semi-professionally. I did a study abroad in Argentina, and was able to study and observe and get behind the scenes of Argentinian 1 Division Team Belgrano. I was fortunate to meet and speak with my idol, Lionel Messi, when Barcelona played the Sounders in 2009. Every day I wake up looking forward to what's next in soccer.

Coaching Philosophy: The game is deep, so much room for improvement for the individual. Wake up everyday as a player and coach and seek knowledge. Improve your technique, your work ethic. There is "I can't", there is I will keep trying. Teach my players something new everyday, learn how to play different positions. Be smart as you approach the game, soccer is played with your brain. Think about the small details, always look for that competitive edge for yourself and the team. Educate yourself, become a student of the game (watch how the pro's do it) this combined with working hard with the team and on your own will set you up for success. Skill development and putting the team 1st will enhance your experience. Soccer is a marathon not a sprint, so much in soccer and sport can set yourself up for success in life. Have fun, let it rip, Compete!