Program Fees

Summary Of Program Fees

Program Program Fee Date Registration Opens
Microsoccer $225 April 1
Recreational Soccer $300 April 1

MIFC Juniors

$300 - Summer

$500 - Fall

May 2


Select Soccer $1250 + additional costs* Immediately After Tryouts

* Full Break Out of All Select Costs
Other than the standard registration fee, costs by team vary depending on the roster size, purchase of uniforms, the number of tournaments entered, team first aid kits, team events, parties, etc. In addition, teams opting to play in a state cup tournament or other post-season play (e.g. indoor league or spring league) will incur additional costs associated with that post-season activity. An estimate of the cost is as follows:
  • Tryout fee: $25
  • Club registration fee: $1250 (includes professional trainer fees)
  • Uniforms: $220 (depending on optional pieces, bag etc)
  • Summer tournaments, mini camp $75 - 105
  • State cup tournament or other post-season play $100 - 150
  • Misc. (first aid, equipment, team parties, coach gifts, etc): $50 - 100

Total Estimate $1,400 - $1,800*

*These estimates do not include travel costs related to out of area tournaments and should not be construed as a guarantee that total costs will not exceed the maximum estimate.

MIFC offers financial assistance to families in our programs, with absolute confidentiality. Here's the request form.

Program fees may be refundable under certain circumstances, as outlined in the club's Refund Policy.