Mission Statement

Mercer Island FC is a charitable and educational organization formed to develop and promote physical and mental fitness, sportsmanship, skill development, citizenship, and teamwork for the boys and girls of our community under nineteen years of age through participation in the game of soccer.

Specifically, our mission is to:

Provide opportunities for all Mercer Island youth under the age of nineteen who register with us, to play soccer at a level commensurate with ability, interest and desire without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national or ethnic origin.

Use the sport of soccer as a classroom to teach and instill life's important values of character, achievement, dedication, fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.

Promote the development of self-esteem, fitness and technical and tactical skills in an age-appropriate, positive, healthy, safe, educational and enjoyable environment.

Provide educational opportunities to further develop all players, coaches, referees, and administrators to the highest level of each individual's ability, interest and desire.

Provide an equitable format for the administration of our programs through properly established guidelines for players, coaches, managers, officials, referees, volunteers and spectators that promote courtesy, proper conduct and respect by and among all participants.

Be an organization that is a positive role model and that provides leadership to our youth and the Mercer Island sports community at large.

MIFC offers financial assistance to families in our programs, with absolute confidentiality. Here's the request form.

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