MIFC Juniors

MIFC Juniors Program sponsored by EFC: Summer/Fall League

Does your 7 or 8 year old son or daughter love soccer and want to play more than just a Fall season? Interested in discovering what a Premier soccer environment looks and feels like? The MIFC Juniors program sponsored by EFC plays in the South Sound League and may be the perfect place!

MIFC Juniors Summer Session:

Young players will be introduced to the Mercer Island FC player development methodology. MIFC, over time, teaches players to play the game by using tactical references which enable players to increase their soccer IQ by compiling more references.

Over summer, players will train 1-2 times per week and participate in 1-2 summer jamborees or tournaments. Over the course of summer, there will be many Street Futbol sessions that are days players will show up and just play!

The number #1 goal of the program is to allow players to have fun and to give them tools that will help them play the game at any level they aspire to. At the youngest ages, this means players will learn basics like:

  • Depth and Width principles in the Attacking phase of the game
  • Triangulation and Diamond principles in the Attacking - Build Up phase of the game
  • Away from Pressure decision making that allows them to keep the ball
  • Experience lots of actions in training that have context, teammates and opponents (not actions in isolation)

This is done by playing games that allow players to experience situations so they can more efficiently learn. This then becomes a reference that is easily stored and retrieved for future use.

The cost of the summer program is $300.

MIFC Juniors Fall Session:

The Fall MI Juniors session is expanded from the Summer program and includes 10 weekend games. Players will train twice a week and play games in the SYSA (South Sound Youth Assoc. league with premier clubs). Our teams are sponsored by Eastside FC in this league.

There are no tryouts but players will be placed on teams for training and games based on a skills assessment by the coaches.

The cost of the fall program is $500. Practices begin in late August.

Goals of the Juniors Program are:

  • Increase the players love of the game - have fun while learning
  • Prepare those players who have the motivation and ability to focus for higher levels of play
  • Increase the players soccer IQ

Ideal candidates are those who are motivated to learn, focused at practices and games, looking for the next level of play beyond recreational soccer and can commit to a longer season than the recreational program.

For more information please email: crigby3@gmail.com.

Key Dates:

  • Registration for Summer now open - click here
  • Practice starts: Week of June 24th
  • Summer practice days: Boys & Girls -Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:30-6pm at IMS
  • Fall Program Registration Open