Coach Training Requirments

Coach Training Requirements

As a volunteer/coach/manager, we need your assistance in creating a safe environment for all those involved.

This year there are four compliance items that are required by either State or Federal law to be completed prior to your participation:

  1. Safe Sport Certification
  2. Concussion Certification
  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certification
  4. Risk Management Application (RMA) Approval

You will need to complete the three certifications before you are able to receive your RMA (Risk Management Application). This will allow MIFC to roster you to the team and be on the field with your team.

There is no cost to you, as you will use the access codes provided. The training process will take some time, but you can start and stop as needed and pick up where you left off.

The following link from Washington Youth Soccer provides an overview and important links to the training and certification process:

2019-20 WYS Slide Deck-Coach_Vol Compliance.pdf

Step-By-Step Guide To The Training and Certification Process

SafeSport Training

  • SafeSport Training is required yearly. SafeSport Certificates will expire 1 year after they are issued and a refresher course will be needed
  • Link to SafeSport Training
    • SafeSport Access Code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M
    • See attached document for how to use the SafeSport website and download certificates from SafeSport and upload them into Affinity
    • SafeSport Training takes about 90 minutes to complete
  • Everyone will need to keep their SafeSport Certificates up-to-date on Affinity
  • You cannot get a RMA without an up-to-date SafeSport Certificate on Affinity's website beginning July 1, 2019

Concussion in Youth Sport Training

  • See attached document for how to use the Concussion website and download certificate from the Concussion website and upload it into Affinity
  • Concussion Training takes about 45 minutes to complete

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Training

  • See attached document for how to use the SCA website and download certificates from the SCA website and upload them into Affinity
  • SCA Training takes about 15 minutes to complete