Select Tryouts Information and Schedule

Select Tryout Schedule

Thank you for your interest in Select Soccer. Tryouts for the 2019 season will begin in March for BU16 and in May for all other ages. Click here to see the current schedule. See our registration page to sign up for tryouts.

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Important Tryout Information

Tryouts typically run for two 90-minute sessions on consecutive days and consist of a combination of warm-ups, small-sided games, and larger games. Players all wear numbered jerseys provided by the Club, and are evaluated and ranked by the coach and two independent evaluators, assessing factors such as their soccer technique, tactics, fitness, athletic ability, and attitude. With the possible exception of the coach, the evaluators will not have any children participating in the tryout.

Please bring th signed Medical Release Waiver form to the first day of tryouts. You will receive information on expectations of player commitment, which should be signed and returned on Day 2.

What to Expect

  • Players are to attend all tryout sessions.
  • Arrive 20 minutes early to check in with Registrar, get tryout number and start warming up.
  • Tryouts will be a combination of skills, drills, and small sided games.
  • Players should relax and have fun.
  • ONLY Players, Evaluators, Field Marshalls, and the Club Select Coaches are allowed on the field.

What to Bring

  • Soccer ball with YOUR name on it
  • Water bottle
  • Shin guards
  • Soccer shoes
  • Goal Keepers bring your gloves

What to Wear

  • DO NOT wear current team/club uniform!
  • Dress in layers according to weather conditions per that day

Playing Up

  • Notify Registrar at check in if you are playing up or trying out for 2 teams

Player Selection Process

The first eight players for U10, the first eleven players for U11, and the first thirteen players for U12 and above are selected based on the rankings of the evaluators, including the coach. The coach, considering other factors, such as player positions, prior experience, and other discretionary factors, fills the rest of the slots. The team size is up to the coach, subject to an Association mandated maximum of 10 for U10, 14 for U11 and minimum of 14 and maximum of 18 for U12 and above.

At the conclusion of each tryout day, evaluators will determine a numerical ranking for the players. The evaluators will make their selection of the top players for the team from overall rankings after the final day of tryouts subject to the rules on playing up (see Playing up Restrictions), except for the family member of the head coach. The head coach may complete the roster with discretionary selections that need not agree with the evaluators' rankings for the remaining spots. Players failing to meet the Playing up Criteria are not eligible for discretionary selection by the head coach. If necessary, the family member of the head coach may be one of the discretionary selections.

If there are one or more players at the tryouts who the head coach does not want on the team because of non-soccer skill issues, including perceived attitude problems, that player(s) can be excluded from the selection with the approval of the VP Select.

If, due to an injury or illness of which the coach is notified, a player does not attend tryouts, the player may have the opportunity to tryout at informal sessions at the discretion of the coach and with an independent observer, assuming the roster is not completed.

It is the Club's intention to carry two teams of each age and gender for U10 and above. A third team may be formed if there are enough interested players to support an additional team.

Playing up

"Playing up" refers to joining a team that is older than your actual age group. If you intend to "play up", you must attend the first session of your defined age group (i.e., your calendar birth year) as well as the first tryout session for your desired age group. Please read the following information on playing up:

Playing Up Restrictions. If your appropriate age group is U11 through U14, you may only play up 1 year. A player must be determined by the independent evaluators to be in the top five of the age group they are trying out for. No more than five players may play up on any one team. Once a player reaches high school (U15 and above), the play-up restrictions are lifted, and the player merely has to be selected in the top 18 players. There are no play ups for U10.

Player Notification Process

Selection results will be posted by tryout number on the MIFC website when available. If selected, you must accept no later than 8:00 pm the day following notification by confirming your acceptance to the head coach by e-mail or telephone. If you cannot, the coach may choose to move to the next player and offer him or her the position.

Want more information on Select Soccer? For more detailed information on our Select Soccer Program click here.