Winter Sharpness

Winter Sharpness/Parent Skills Registrations Now Open

Mercer Island FC has offered this popular Friday night program for years. Starting January 4th and running through the end of February, Winter Sharpness allows players to scrimmage with other players of their age and skill level under the watchful eye of Mercer Island High School boys Coach Colin Rigby, assisted by experienced Mercer Island FC and Eastside FC coaches.

Not only do the kids get high quality academy style training from great coaches, but the parents get a training session too! Aaron Byers, MIFC's Vice President of Player Development has the parents come and do the same activities the kids are doing and progressing through. You get a full understanding of why we do these activities with the players and you have a lot of fun. Last year we had 30+ parents work with Aaron each Friday night. Of course, you can always use the 90 minutes to go have a dinner with your spouse. But then you'll miss out on the fun of learning the same skills as your son or daughter.

Winter Sharpness/Parent Skills is held under the lights at the Mercer Island High School Stadium. Cost is $125.

Register for Winter Sharpness/Parent Skills here.