Since 2013, Soccer2Unite has been empowering the children of Uganda to realize their incredible capabilities. S2U has provided over 4,000 pounds of soccer gear & equipment, partnered with multiple orphanages, community based organizations, and local schools; and we have empowered more than 1,500 children with equipment, training, and through our annual tournament.

We Need Your Help

Our most recent endeavor is to host a Referee Clinic in Kabale, Uguanda. Referees need to be empowered so that the basics of the game are accurately taught to the kids and the young talent. Soccer2Unite has the goal of sponsoring 15 participants, who without a scholarship, would never have the chance to participate. Learning to referee provides not only the education and empowerment that comes from learning a new skill, but allows the students to make a living as a referee serving in their community.

We need to raise $1500 to fund this goal!

Our Mission: To Equip, Elevate & Empower

Soccer2Unite provides the necessary equipment, support and education of the world's game to the world's children. Beginning in eastern Africa, we use soccer as a platform for cooperative growth and personal development. To read more about Soccer2Unite's Mission follow this link.